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Fit and brainy...

10 Jan 2023
Fit and brainy...

Do you make positive changes to improve brain function? Maybe you're reading more, socializing, completing puzzles, or spending more time in nature. Have you ever considered adding healthy foods to your diet that can help with brain function?

Each week we sit down with our registered dietitian James Fazzio to calculate macros and chat about how we can make our food healthier and our lives better. One particularly stressful week, as we sat hunched over our computers, we were inspired to take a beat and think about how food affects other aspects of our health, and that all important organ—our brain! We thought we’d pass along some of James' advice to you:

Nootropics is a class of substances that enhances brain function. There is a lot of research suggesting that foods like spinach, lentils, tomatoes, onions, flax seeds, mushrooms, and many spices are not only good for the health of your body, but also great at improving memory, attention, and motivation. To make it easier on you, many of the foods that help improve cognitive function can be found in FitEats meals. Making a choice for a healthy body and improved brain function has never been easier!


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